Vata Pitta Kapha As Eye of Naturopathy Diagnosis

Vata Pitta Kapha As Eye of Naturopathy Diagnosis

if you know basics of Ayurveda your body is analysed by this three Prakriti Vata Pitta and Kapha

if you see by the eye of naturopathy, it says your body is a combination of five nature elements that we all know

in Reva nature cure we use natural herbs and kadha herbs juice and all alternative therapy and treatments applied to cure disease and pain

in this article i m going to describe a importance of naturopathy in terms of ayurveda

and benefits in our complex diagnosis to cure any disease, that is our main goal

Vata Pitta Kapha is pronoun dosha in ayurveda which is also focus on five nature elements

Vata means vatavaran in Hindi it means atmosphere, this reflects the quality of space and air in your body

Pitta reflects the qualities of fire and water, Ayurveda focuses on pitta to cure-related disease and pains

Kapha is reflects the combination of water and earth, earth element is play vital role to balance body

Naturopathy is a very specific to this five nature elements, and naturopathy directly apply all treatments to balance this nature elements

another things is in naturopathy there is a temperance is play a vital role to cure any disease

Our immune power ability is always focus on to run all body systems and subsystems like diagnosis, respiration all in optimum level

and that is power of nature and God, Naturopathy is derived by nature rules

indian Ayurvedacharya all ancient great peoples have observed nature, elements, animals behaviour during illness

Cow reserves very special position in Indian culture, 33 crore goddess goddesses live In the cows.

all naturopathy therapy like mud therapy, hydrotherapy, air or steam therapy, enema all focused to cure and balance all dosha Vata Pitta Kapha

just take a diagnosis with naturopath and get root cause results cure pains naturally

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Dr. Rameshbhai MD

Reva Nature Cure is a Naturopathy hospital hear all kind of treatments and body pains and diseases are cured Dr.Rameshbhai is MD,NDDY in Naturopathy and tremendously experience in Naturopathy and Ayurveda field

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