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What is Naturopathy ? How it Cure Your Pain and Disease

What is Naturopathy?

What is Naturopathy? by Reva Nature Cure
What is Naturopathy?

When we separate Naturopathy word Naturo And Path It Clears that Path to Nature

When we talk with someone first time about Naturopathy They always Ask What is Naturopathy

First I want to clear some same wordings like Nature Cure, Nisargopchar, Kudarati Upchar, Naturotherapy this all points to naturopathy

Naturopathy is not Just a treatment Method but it is an ideal lifestyle For a human being

A Naturopathy is a form of Alternative Treatment, but it includes so many other treatments and therapies also

Naturopathy Approach is to Promote self-healing vital Power improvement to stay healthy for a longer period

Naturopathy Mainly Known for its Diets Your Food is Your Medicine and You are What You Eat that is Naturopathy thing

Naturopathy is becoming popular in India from last five to ten years but it is an old Indian treatment our Ayurvedacharya Already Know and do From the beginning of time

Naturopathy is Simplest but Powerfull Treating and Curing Therapy it not the prevent disease but it cures any disease of its root cause

Diagnosis is the main thing in naturopathy treatment method, in first consultation Naturopathy Doctor Spend Almost one to Two hour and Try to Know Your Lifestyle

What You Eat?, How much Water You drink?, What work You Do?, Your Slipping time? All Required Possible information

Naturopathy Doctors are psychology, Sociology, physiologist, Dietitian, Super Diagnosis Master, Herbalist They All do Together or Simultaneously to identify and cure disease

As we know Naturopathy Centers and Doctors Main Playground is Villages Because We can get Natural Environment in this kind of area and it is a must for patients.

Pollution less Air, Noiseless Environment, Voices of Nature, Voice of Birds, Water Filling of this all things helps to change Mind of Patients they feel fresh and healthy in this environment

Naturopathy is in a village to help Village Peoples to became and Earning Source, as well for A Patients of Naturopathy, can take benefits of Natural Fruits, Vegetables, Juices, Soup, Natural Water And Fresh Air

Above I have Gave info of Naturopathy centers Environment information only Now begins Naturopathy Main Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Naturopathy

Main Naturopathy Approach is Five Nature Elementum
Naturopathy is working on Five Nature Elements.

Our Body and Whole Universe are Made by this Natural Elements are Following

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Space
  5. Clay or Land

This is the Main Elements of Universe and Our Body

Whole Earthworks with this Nature Forces like sunlight, Air, Water, Space or Sky and Land or Clay Combination of these elements Found in Human Body.

Unbalance of Any of the elements Cause Disease or Pain in Human body

Let’s Dig deep into this Elements Work What Key role they play in our body


Air is the main element on earth which is the main reason for lives has been possible on earth.

All the Gases like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, helps all of us in some way

When we take breath oxygen Absorbed by our lungs and it reaches out to all Microcells and plays a key role in energy Conversation (Generation) Process in Cells.


Second is Fire, it exists in the whole universe and in our body also who maintain Required Temperature to Stay healthy and work all systems in our body to make it stable.

It also plays a key role in Food to energy conversation in Metabolism As well As in Small Micro Cells to Energy Production fire is the main thing.


Third, on is Water, We have Studied in Biology our body contains 70 percent Water, Water plays a key role in the bearing, Absorption, and Emissions of Nutritions inside our Body

Space or Sky

Without Suitable Space All System Can’t Work, Space Provide Suitable Space for All Systems in Our Body

Sky also refer to As Coldness Piece Required in our body to Stay Balanced

Land or Clay

Land or clay is a root element of the body we heard quote that

Our Body is just Statue of Clay

It is proven by Science by Analysis of Burned Dead body’s Elements.

What’s the Role of Naturopathy Therapy.

All Naturopathy is Designed to Make Balance of All kind of Elements in Our Body

In Naturopathy Treatment You Know the Basic Procedures And Benefits

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Dr. Rameshbhai MD

Reva Nature Cure is a Naturopathy hospital hear all kind of treatments and body pains and diseases are cured Dr.Rameshbhai is MD,NDDY in Naturopathy and tremendously experience in Naturopathy and Ayurveda field

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    I’m a big supporter of green living and natural treatments, that’s why I turn to Naturopathy to cure and ease some pain and diseases. Thanks for going more in-depth about this subject matter!

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