ALL About Naturopathy

Many times people come to our naturopathy treatment center ask what is it.

every time I have to repeat the same thing about nature

that is natural because all want a safe treatment for them, but naturopathy is a very simple

first of all, let’s go with some internet data on google search

Naturopathy search on google

I appreciate that Google gives you all the info near your town,

but that doesn’t mean they all are good for you

I dont know about others,

but I want to share what you have to do for finding best nature cure or naturopathy centre

there is all depends on naturopaths or naturopathy doctors, some of them also mix alternative treatment doctor like me

so first check their old work by their website and social media, also check about doctors past work and therapist (if  info available)

most the time you will get the right idea

First Consult with the right Naturopath

Best Naturopath

when you consult with naturopathy doctor, there is a different diagnosis method they prefer basis on their belief and past experience.

I choose to understand your past history, what your lifestyle, in which environment you live the whole day,

what you eat, drink, how many glasses of water you drink in a day, thats my basic questions?

so may you think, why I ask these questions?

because of naturopathy is purely designed and dedicated to change and transfer your lifestyle towards nature

I dont want to repeat same things like five nature elements, because you have heard that so many times

still, may you confuse about naturopathy, how it will cure your disease and pain

Fundamentals of Naturopathy

Fundamentals of Naturopathy
Five body elements

basic fundamentals are to cleanse your body toxins

the very simple neat and clear thing that is our body is made from five nature elements






you see this in any way scientifically, or physically or spiritually, finally, you come on this conclusion

there are toxins is entering in our body from our birth time by food, water and air

we all know about their impurity, it is the main issue for all of us

so all naturopaths and my main goal is to make a symmetrical balance in your body

we use all naturopathy treatment, alternative therapy, diet and make a balance in it

it will take time, your readiness to follow diet and instructions of naturopathy

may modern lifestyle person feel awkward, but make belief in naturopathy

we have cured thousands of cases that are left by traditional allopathy doctors

they all feel and realize the miracle of naturopathy but it is a clear natural process

we strongly believe that God has made your body self healable it knows to cure self

but it needs small support from you

Naturopathy diagnosis depends on different diseases and pain also your body nature (called Prakriti in Ayurveda).

so just consult with a right naturopath and follow what they instruct for you

be patience, take regular food, water and medicines, follow a proper diet,

I assure you that a hundred percent to get the best results

if you have any question about naturopathy or any disease or pain feel free to ask me in the comment box so others will also take benefits from it

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  1. sachin shah

    i am a Diabetic and taking Insuline how can the treatement benifit me and my health

  2. Dr. Rameshbhai MD

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