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Yoga and Naturopathy, Cure Disease & Pain Faster

Yoga and Naturopathy guide

Are you suffering from any Disease or Pain? Want to cure read full yoga & naturopathy article

Naturopathy and Yoga both are capable to cure this Naturally without Any side effects and lots of chemical tablets 

naturopathy is an Alternative / Complementary System of Healthcare yoga increases

its effectiveness very faster that’s a reason for doing together 

Naturopathy & Yoga | Reva Nature Cure

Advance Naturopathy is a new and amazing treatment which is capable to heal cure any disease naturally,

two big healthy process Naturopathy and Yoga together gives miracle results in any disease

Naturopathy therapy is on booming now, we are experiencing that people are moving towards nature

and now understand that natural therapy can cure their disease

Traditional treatments are becoming more costly, Government come up with many schemes and help people in many ways

but still, people fill unsure for government medical facilities

Fundamentals of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a treatment focussed on five natural elements of the human body based

which is Earth, Fire, Air, space, and water,

our body is a combination of these root elements

Read about Benefits of Naturopathy Treatment

Naturopathy is Designed or arranged all therapies and treatments in that way that balance all these elements

who unbalanced because of toxins coming from basic intakes of the human body from the birth

which is air, water, and food

Yoga is playing a very major role to cure disease faster,

our mind is a controller of our human body and

our body has a self-healing power that is our Immune system

Toxins in our body stop or may decrease self vital power that is capable of curing by itself Naturopathy makes it powerful by treatments

Why need to do yoga and Naturopathy together

Yoga and exercise makes your mind healthy and more active it releases chemicals which helps your body to repair damages it works at your cell level

This is a little bit complex to understand but if you have learned in school that our body is a collection of uncountable cells,

every day thousands of cell damages and also newborns

Our damaged cells which cause pain and disease it will be repaired by biochemicals released by the mind in our body

which is part of our body

That’s called our immune system of the human body.

You feel fresher when you do exercise and yoga 

We have published many articles about naturopathy but may you don’t know till now please visit our what is naturopathy article

Our five root elements

nature and the treatments based on them are:

  • Earth – Mud Therapy (Mud baths, Mud packs)
  • Water – Hydrotherapeutic methods in the form of Baths, Jets, Packs, Compresses, Immersions
  • Air – Breathing exercises, Outdoor walking, Open-air baths
  • Fire – Sun baths, Diet  therapy
  • Ether(Space) – Fasting therapy

We also use other alternative treatments therapy which is totally natural and cost-effective as well as it cures disease and pains 100% by its root cause  

Tow often combinations of yoga are given most to our patients for different requirement 

First is patients want to do relaxation and yoga which also good for spiritual peace in that natural space for a week is sufficient 

Second is Ayurveda and Yoga Detoxification of the body through herbs, oil, massage, and other ayurvedic therapies or alternative treatments

Our list of therapy for yoga and naturopathy combinations

 Massage therapy

also called abhyanga in Sanskrit, massage combination with yoga

which gives unimaginable results, you never fell that relaxation in any other medical therapy  


this therapy is also known as mitti chikitsa in our center

our motherland earth has the power to absorb body internal harmful heat and toxins

no other therapy can do some healing process


are part of mud therapy but it is a different process which cures your disease and pain by a totally different manner read about mudpacks 


after yoga gives miracle result of cure pains in the body, water elements are capable of absorbing toxins from the body

Know about Reva Nature Cure Therapy 

it also decreases internal heat of the body and plays a vital role in naturopathy treatments that include the following therapies

Spinal bath, Spinal Spray bath, Immersion bath, Hip Bath Friction Bath, Foot bath, arm bath, circular jet bath,

Anti-Stress Bath, whirlpool bath, Underwater exercise comes under hydrotherapy

Steam Bath and sauna bath also comes under hydrotherapy but applied at different according to patient’s pain disease.

WET PACKS basically used for heat dissipation from the body that is focused to balance fire element in the human body 

following more treatment which is applied according to body requirements COMPRESSES, IMMERSION, ENEMA, BODY WRAPS

Sun based therapies Sunbath, Colour sunbath Chromo bath, Green leaves sunbath, Hot & Cold fomentation, 

wet sheet pack, chest pack, abdomen pack, trunk pack, knee pack, neck pack,

wet girdle pack all reserved their own place for cure disease and pain

Don’t pre-judge any therapy by its name because

naturopath doctors know that,

for getting desired results how and when therapy apply  

My basic motto to write this article that only yoga or only naturopathy doesn’t cure your pains or disease both are Complement each other for a miracle results 

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