Natural sugar vs Refined Sugar Naturopathy Diets Guide.

Natural sugar vs Refined Sugar Naturopathy Diets Guide.

Natural Sugar vs Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is a health hazard, Naturopathy prohibits the use of refined sugar. Glucose is a sugar found usually with other sugars, in fruits and vegetables.

it is a key material in metabolism of all plants and animals, many of our bodies. Glucose is always present in our blood and it is often called blood sugar.

While Glucose has always been an essential element in the human blood stream, the addiction of refined sugar(sucrose) is something new in the history of mankind .

The nutritional value of refined sugar is zero, it is classified with alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, cola drinks an tobacco as habit forming.

25% of excess calories come from refined sugar. it damages nerves, impairs brain and is responsible for hypoglycemia, diabetes, obesity, tissue degeneration, dental decay, irritation, moodiness, constipation, heart ailments, chronic urinary infection etc.

The Following Two Quotation is real eye openers

Refined sugar raises havoc with our bodies because it is something new and unnatural, a thoughtless creation of a mercenary industrial age… We destroy the natural balance of the sweet and good found in whole grains, whole vegetables and the whole fruit…

Western Medicine Will one day admit what has been known in the orient for years… sugar is the greatest evil that modern industrial civilization has visited upon the countries of the far east and Africa…

Let us drop the consumption of this pure chemical extraction which is addictive and destructive. It is poison.

Natural Sugar Founds in fruits, Banana, Papaya, milk and cheese, This all natural sugar keeps your body cells healthy longer and maintained long times.

Refined White Sugar called White Poison because it is comes by so many unnatural Processing, fermentation process after the consumption in body they cause very adverse effects in body.

Pure Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine Doctors and Center Always Avoid this kind of Sugar Naturopathy Center always Use Natural Yellowish Sugar we say Khadi sakad in our language

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